Universal High Purity Batching System

  • A large international personal care product manufacturer presented a requirement for a universal high purity batching system.
  • Due to potential multi-national application the design would be required to meet and exceed current and future codes worldwide.
  • The system needed to be flexible enough to suit varying feed waters and temperatures.
  • The following features were included to suit the broad requirement:
    • The system was designed and built to suit USP, CE and GOST.
    • Automatic sterilization upon shutdown and rinse-up to specification.
    • Flexible pretreatment included Media and Carbon Filters, Water Softener, UV Sterilizer and a Heat Exchanger piped and valved to allow RO pretreatment tempering or batch heating as well as heat recovery.
    • A two pass Reverse Osmosis System operating at 85% recovery.
    • The system is PC controlled to allow full automation as well as trending.
  • The customer has since bought two additional systems.

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