TPF-Series Tubular Pressure Filters

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eNPure Tubular Pressure Filters utilize metallic or ceramic/metallic filter elements that are regenerated by backwash techniques.

Operating costs are greatly reduced by eliminating the need for procurement, installation, and disposal of consumable filter media. Use of stainless steel or higher alloy filter media allows wide application over a range of temperatures and chemical environments. The filters operate totally enclosed which eliminates any direct handling of process fluids or consumable filter media by operators. As the backwash sequence is usually completed within two minutes or less, filter downtime is minimized. Systems can be fully automated to further reduce operating costs.

eNPure Tubular Pressure Filters can accommodate any of several types of backwashable filter media and filter element configurations with ratings from 0.1µm to 100µm in standard sizes ranging from 3.5 ft2 to 300 ft2.

By being able to offer an array of filter media types and element configuration, we can evaluate which media type is best suited for a specific application. The filter media evaluation process is supported by our laboratory with complete capabilities to analyze customer samples and conduct filterability screening tests. Pilot filters are available for evaluations at customer sites. Upon completion of laboratory and/or pilot evaluations, we can design and fabricate complete backwash filtration systems to include filters, valves, instrumentation, controls, interconnecting piping, and structural steel.

Available Options...

  • Single layer sintered porous metal
  • Multilayer sintered metal composites
  • Asymmetric sintered metal membranes
  • Ceramic / Metallic composites
  • Etched disc plastics
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